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Maple Leaf (Maple's Story) - Chapter 4
"Just when I thought I was a weakling..."
Maple stood at one end of the field. Sword in hand. Shield above her face. She let out a small whimper. 
"Head up!" called Midnight from the other side of the field. "No hiding." 
Midnight looked at the princess with a shield for a face. Slowly, a tuft of orange hair peeked from the top. Maple looked from behind her large shield and saw Midnight glaring at her. 
Be brave. Be brave.
She clenched her teeth and her shield was then lowered. She wore a scowl on her face and let out a howl. "I'M READY, MIDNIGHT! I'M READY!" With that, she held her sword out and ran towards Midnight. 
Midnight could only laugh at the way Maple became suddenly determined. She stood in place and let Maple run towards her. 
Maple kept her running, but her scowl vanished as she saw herself approaching her target. "Midnight!!!! GET OUT OF THE WAY!! PLEASE!" Her voice cried in panic, but Midnight stood there, smiling. 
D-Does she want
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Maple Leaf (Maple's Story) - Chapter 3
"I was now one step closer to being braver...."
Midnight took a sword off the wall where they were held. Maple took a glance. The Sword was a small one, and looked very dull. 
"Lady Midnight, what is that?"
Midnight handed her the weapon. "Your sword, your high-" She cleared her throat. "-Maple."
Maple looked at it. The sword was half her armspan. The sword's blade was very dark in color, and didn't shine so well. The tip of the sword looked like the end of a butter knife. The princess looked up at Midnight, confused. "This is my blade?"
Midnight put one hand behind her head and smiled nervously. "Is that not a good sword?" she said, trying not to sound obvious. The response she was given was Maple holding it back out, with a serious expression.  
Again, Midnight tried to hide her obviousness. "What's wrong with it?"
Maple glared at the knight. "A dull blade?"
Midnight's eyes looked down, and her voice sounded nervous. "Princess-" she began before Maple cleared her throat.
:icontoonkendal:ToonKendal 1 5
Maple Leaf (Maple's Story) - Chapter 2
"I wanted to learn something. My father was in trouble and the kingdom was in attack. I couldn't mope any longer....."
   Maple let out a large sigh as she opened the double doors and went into the castle hallways. Several guards were preparing their weapons to go find the sorceress who attacked. As the princess walked by, they bowed.
 "We'll find her soon, your Majesty."
Maple gave a nod. "Thank you, sirs." She walked ahead but her thoughts began to devour her brain. What if they don't find her in time? You're going to fail everyone again, Maple. Don't panic, Maple. You have to do something. Don't just stand there. 

The princess, so caught in her train of thought, snapped out of it when her face collided with a door. She rubbed her head where it was hit. Looking up, she noticed she was in the Knight's Area.  Maple stared at the doors. She didn't move. An idea was buzzing in her head, and she wanted to swat it away. Yet, the princess let it fly around a
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Maple Leaf (Maple's Story) - Chapter 1
"Greetings, fellow subject. I am Princess Maple Leaf, but you can call me Maple. Or Princess Maple." She adjusted her crown, and sat back in her throne. She brushed her fingers through her shiny autumn orange hair, and it fell back, with the ending hair curls bobbing a little as they reached her neck. She began to go on, "I would love to tell you a story. You see, I am no ordinary princess. I did not earn this title by just being a hier to the throne. My title was earned another way. Yes, I am the daughter of the now deceased King Oak Leaf, and technically I would take the throne by hier, but I didn't want to just be a princess that was there because she had to. I wanted to be a princess that everyone would remember. And that's when the attack happened..."
      The coronation was in a few minutes. Maple was in her bedroom, looking in her vanity. She looked at the tiara on the dresser, and looked back in the mirror. She took the tiara, encrusted with the finest Ci
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United States
dAID made by Linkerbell

Hello, deviantART. I am Kendal. Zelda lover and Pokémon lover.
I'm a huge ZeLinker and TeLinker. I love all Zelda. My favorite is Wind Waker, Spirit Tracks and Twilight Princess.
I will literately blab your head off with Zelda facts.
I am a huge fan of Tetra. She is my favorite Zelda character!
I tend to have a temper, yet I am a huge sap over TeLink. I will defend the things I am passionate about in the blink of an eye.

:bulletgreen: Favorite Characters (NonZelda) :bulletgreen:

Rarity by Marlenesstamps undertale stamp - dr. alphys by hypsistamps .:Peach Stamp:. by ThePinkMarioPrincess 390-3 Chimchar Stamp by Pokestamps Palutena SSB4 Stamp by JPMD64
Khezu Stamp 1 by ShrubbyNerb

:bulletred: My FAVORITE PAIRINGS (NonZelda) :bulletred:

Rarity x Spike Stamp by xSatoshi UT: Sans x Toriel by Reykholtz .SoarinDash. by Mn27 .:MarioxPeach Stamp VIII:. by ThePinkMarioPrincess Daisy x Luigi by Raneese Shulk x Lucina Stamp by emomage101

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Mario Odyssey! Holy shit! I need that! (Mario can be a T-Rex. )
Also, METROID RETURNS!!!!!!!!! <3
That Yoshi game stole my heart though. :love:
I need to see the gameplay tommorow! :eager:
Favorite ARMS character? 
Police and his pupper.
Ninjara cute too
hurry up, E3. I need something to smile about. 
*almost chokes on drink*

I love Kass so much
you all can have your Sidon
But I love the bird dork

I just realized that I love the sound of accordion
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My little brother graduates high school this Friday! 

It's Summer and Rico is really hyped to meet VolcanicDash at Hamacon! :) He will be so happy (and nervous! )
And also a break from my household.

But, hello everyone! Excited for E3 as well! Finally something to smile about.
I apologize for anyone who is waiting for me to continue Maple Leaf. I really want to write again but my brain is clouded. 

Kendal has been up to nothing. I feel so useless at the moment. All because I am picky about jobs and is pretending she isn't scared to go to college.

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TigerPawFang Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017
Are you ok, Kendal? 
ToonKendal Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017
I wish i was Ok. 

With you away in College, and Rico needing his special help. I'm just stuck in the middle with Mom and dad yelling at me for not doing anything about college, or a job. 

I'm being more stressed and I can't even be happy for a lot of things anymore. 
TigerPawFang Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017
It's all going to be fine, Kendal. I know things will get better. 
ToonKendal Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017
No, Tre. It won't. I told you this before, but I only get peace when I'm sleeping. When I wake up, its pressure about finding a job or not applying for colleges when I had the chance. 
Yet, with Rico, it's "Take your time. It'll be ok." I know he needs special care at school and at home, but why do I get fucking nagged about it. 

And with that. I can't seem to concentrate on happy things. I really want to just want to drive to Gamestop, and get Breath of the Wild when it comes out.i want to take my mind away from everything and everyone.  My temper is getting worse. 
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CocoaTheChihuahua Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017
About your journal on active watchers, notice how during the "MB' days we were all in the middle/high school age. Everyone was more free. But now everyone has branched away. Everyone has college or work or just busy with thier own projects.

I can't say the same for new watchers. But the old ones are either off of dA or busy.
Or they follow you for a specific thing. 
ToonKendal Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017
I get what you're saying. 

My motivation to write has just dropped. Maybe its my personal life interfering with what makes me happy. 
CocoaTheChihuahua Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017
Everything gets better eventually.
thegreyzen Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2017  Student Digital Artist
thanks a lot for the fav! :D (Big Grin)
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ChowderXPanini1337 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2015
Happy (Early) Birthday! :iconoshawottyaysplz:
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:party: Happy early Birthday! :cake:
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